Winning is the best medicine

Winning is the best medicine, even if it isn’t pretty. I have been saying it all along; it is by far the best thing in sports. Winning makes everything better. You end up liking your family and wife more when you’re winning, and it’s more fun to go to work. Winning can cure all.

I had no clue until our day off yesterday that our road trip was the best in Marlins history. I hope people don’t expect us to keep that pace (haha). Winning in the Major Leagues is so hard; in this sport anything can happen on a daily basis. Winning on the road is even harder, so when you can win on the road it becomes extremely important for your success.

I’m glad we got Heath Bell back on track and throwing the ball well. JJ (Josh Johnson) looked better and the rest is obvious: Our pitching staff has been outstanding. We are back in Miami tonight with Johan Santana vs. Mark Buehrle, just like old times. It should be fun and I look forward to seeing everyone out there.


  1. lamarlina2011

    It was an awesome trip for the Miami Marlins and for all of us the fans/followers of this great team. Thanks for your hard work Ozzie. Thanks to all the players too. We believe in you. Please make Lomo and Stanton catch watermelons, then cantaloupes, soccer balls and then baseballs. They are going to give me an ulcer any day.. Now beat those stinky Mets for once. GO FISH GO MARLINS

  2. Courtney Hardin

    Congratulations, Ozzie. While you are still loved and missed on the South Side- it is great to see you and Mark doing so well in Fla. Looking forward to seeing you beat up on the Cubs in July. Go Marlins!

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