Direct communication

My relationship with the press, generally, is a good one. The reporters know they can ask me whatever they want because I am always going to respond honestly and at times say controversial things. But I am sure you, the fans, also want to ask me things that for whatever reasons the media doesn’t.

That is why we are opening this line of communication between you and me. Every two weeks, starting today (May 4), I’ll be writing on this page about different topics. I’ll share with you my concerns about the team, my satisfaction with our performances and unleashing a rant or two, but most importantly, I’ll be responding to the questions you send me.

Obviously, if there are a lot of questions I’ll need to be selective and respond to the ones that this space permits me. But be sure that I will read all the messages. I’m sure that these messages will at times turn into suggestions that will help me or criticisms of my moves as manager of the Chicago White Sox. I will read and appreciate all the messages.

The reason this space was created is so you can communicate directly with me, without any intermediaries or moderation. I’ll be waiting for your messages.

On the baseball front, I want to make perfectly clear that I really like the team we have. I’m not going to lie to you, like some politicians do, and tell you things about this team that aren’t true. Now that the first month is in the books and we are starting the second, I still think that the key for us defending the division crown we won last season is to play well consistently and staying healthy.

If the starting pitching holds, our defense plays solidly and we can get key hits, then we will be in the fight until the very end. Of course, the bullpen has to keep the leads we give them. In terms of the injuries, there is really nothing we can do. They are just part of the game.

We’ve already had to deal with DeWayne Wise going down for several weeks and the nagging injuries to Chris Getz and Jim Thome which cost them a couple of days. Recently, Brian Anderson has had problems with a strained oblique muscle. But the season is a long one and the way you start isn’t as important as the way you finish. My job is to get the White Sox to first place of the Central Division by the end of September so we can advance to the postseason in order to win another title for the city of Chicago.

We have the personnel and the talent. We also are hungry to win. What do you guys think? Let me know through this page.

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