I’m here if you need me — FIRE AWAY!

ARLINGTON — Hey, gang. Welcome to my blog! I’ll be trying to post here regularly, about baseball or anything else that comes to mind. 

But before I do that, why don’t we get going by answering some of your questions. If you have a question you want me to answer, write it in the comments section and I will do my best to answer it. 
And be sure to catch my World Series analysis on FOX Sports! 
— Ozzie 


  1. kaufmak@sbcglobal.net

    Ozzie, 88 wins, not a bad year but 6 back of MIN. What do you think needs to happen to make up the gap?

  2. cwgross144

    Was wondering what you think the chances are of Omar Vizquel coming back next year and do you think he has a chance to be a good manager for a baseball club?

  3. smoothel


    How is Jared Mitchell looking since his injury? Any idea? Also, how far away he is from making to the big league? Great job last season, hope you’re here on the south side for 20+ years!

  4. keefetq@gmail.com

    Hey Ozzie, what do you think of the “Ozzie for Mike Stanton” chatter? If you were Ken Williams, would you do that deal?

  5. bigred3535

    Hey Ozzie,
    What’s your ideal DH situation next year? How do you feel about the contributions of Mark Kotsay/Andruw Jones/Manny Ramirez? Thanks!

  6. seakoala

    Hey Ozzie! What’s it like going from player to manager? And what do you think fires you up the most when you’re playing or managing? This is a really cool set up! Haha!

  7. smoothel


    How is Jared Mitchell looking since his injury? Any idea? Also, how far away he is from making to the big league? Great job last season, hope you’re here on the south side for 20+ years!

  8. raysrenegade

    I remember you as a D-Ray infielder and always loved your passion for the game.
    Got a question for you…
    Q: Has there ever been a situation in the game either as a player or a Manager where it took hold you and changed you? I know there are moments either talking with other players or Coaches that suddenly the whole game comes together for you.

    Thanks Ozzie!

    Rays Renegade


  9. whtsox56

    Hi Ozzie,

    I love having you as our manager. Can you ask jerry to step in and re-sign Paulie and A.J. We need them for next year. They have your passion for the game.

  10. matthewmarcum@gmail.com

    Ozzy, back in late summer the Twins came in for a 4 game series and you were on TV saying this series means nothing when there was still 60 games left….we got swept at home, a week later got swept in Minnesota my question is:

    “Why are you not treating every game seriously?”

  11. 2064ad@gmail.com

    1. As an American visiting Venezuela, what are the coolest things to do / see?

    2. When did you first arrive in the US, and what was that experience like?

  12. vanatsfan5

    Ozzie, thanks for taking questions from the fans. I’m a big fan of yours! I love your passion for the game!! My question: if you were the commissioner of baseball, what are some of the things you’d change?

  13. julian.johnson85@gmail.com

    Hey Ozzie,

    Are you going to be following LeBron and Co. and taking your talents to Miami next year?

  14. rpietras@san.rr.com

    Hola Ozzie,

    Uribe’s 40 homers and 140 RBIs over the last two seasons sure could have helped the Sox. Plus his defense at 3rd, 2nd or backing up SS would have helped too. Any regrets not keeping him? KW has to be kicking himself though he has not been called out on it as much as he should.

  15. wanda1948

    Hola, Ozzie! Que tal? I wish I were able to be in Texas to watch this World Series. My team is not in the WS this year, but since I am a baseball fan first and am anxious to see good games, I am hoping that this series goes to seven games. I go into “baseball withdrawal” as soon as the WS is finished. I know this has nothing to do with the WS–but what do you think that the Red Sox should do about Big Papi, Victor Martinez and Adrian Beltre? Of course, the rumor is that Beltre has an outstanding year so that he could impress the Sox, but it was a “contract year,” and that he’ll never repeat. What do you think?

  16. truesdalesmith@comcast.net

    We followed the Sox to Fenway in September for our first family White Sox road trip. As a manager, what city is YOUR favorite “road trip” city and why?

  17. srsjones

    I’m a huge fan of yours as a baseball manager and scholar of the game, but I’m even more impressed with your willingness to step up and speak out for basic issues of fundamental justice to Hispanic players and for Hispanic people, generally, on and off the field. I hope you continue to have the courage and leadership to do this.

  18. diehardcubsfan4ever

    Thank you, Ozzie, for starting a blog. I think that it is very cool of you to connect with the fans this way. Although I am a Cubs fan, I have the utmost respect for you. Ozzie, you tell it like it is, and that brand of honesty and tact is refreshing. My question is, if Cora leaves, are you seriously considering hiring Ryne Sandberg as Bench Coach? Ryno won the Pacific Coast League Manager Of The Year this past season and has proven that he can coach. He emphasizes the fundamentals and works well with the younger players. I think he would be a fine addition to your staff. The Cubs don’t want him (their loss), I was hoping he would be the Cubs’ Bench Coach but, apparently, there are too many ego’s involved. Many Cubs’ fans are fed up, you might actually convert them to Whitesox fans, hahaha! Anyway, good luck next season, and once again, thank you for being honest and direct. You are a winner in my book.

  19. mpedrazas85@yahoo.com

    OZZIE! It’s the Shermanator. How can I get up there and work for the Sox. I’ve spent the past 2 years working with the Braves Minor Leagues and recently graduated college. I’m looking for a change in life and I can bring all that good luck up to Chi Town from Florida! Hope you get around to answering, but for now have a great offseason and go Sox!

  20. calgary@lycos.com

    Hey Ozzie, how´s it going?

    Hey I was wondering why you don´t have chance to play to Josh Kroeger in white sox? I think he is great player and good bat. Also you probably knows he play in Venezuela with good result

    From Monterrey – Mexico


  21. davidstoeckel@comcast.net

    OZZIE! What the hell is Jermayne Dye doin?? and if he still wants to play why havent we picked him up? he a great outfielder and always a threat at the plate. SOUTHSIDE FOREVER!

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