Q&A: Bullfights in Spain, the best in MLB &  loans

Before I answer a few more of your questions, I just want to say I read a lot of your comments here on my Blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter account, and I want to clear up some confusion we might have … I have NO say or make any decisions as to what offseason moves my team should make. Sometimes they ask for my suggestions and I give them, but for the most part, I don’t deal with that stuff. I just manage the team.

Q: Do you think Chris Sale has a chance to start in 2011?

A: I think Sale does have a good chance to start, he has done it before when he was in college. But I think he would be great out of our bullpen.

Q: Ozzie, can I borrow $10,000?

A: I would give you $10,000 if it was for a good cause.

Q: What are some good, easy Venezuelan recipes I can make?

A: Cachapas, I believe, are very Venezuelan because in all other countries they instead make pabellon and arepas. So, I believe cachapas are only in my country, and I really like them a lot. Not sure how you cook them, but it should be easy — lots of corn and cheese, and it comes out looking similar to a pancake.

Q: Where would you recommend visiting in Spain if we only had a week?

A: I was just in Spain. If you go there, you should visit Madrid because of the energy, food and great sightseeing. And if you like bullfighting, you will go to Seville like I did.

Q: Ozzie, my friend, I’d like to know if by any chance you’re helping our beloved Tiburones [de La Guaira, a Venezuelan pro baseball team] improve our performance this year. We could really use your help in these troubled times.

A: I don’t help the Tiburones. I’m their No. 1 fan, and I watch every game I can. But I don’t help. I’m good friends with President Francisco Hernandez and Vice President Antonio Herrera. I wish them the best of luck.

Q: In your opinion, who is the best player in the game, and who is the young player you think has the brightest future?

A: The best players we have in our game right now are Josh Hamilton and Robinson Cano, because they do it all. The ones I see with the brightest future are Chris Sale of the White Sox and Austin Jackson of the Tigers, because they have what it takes to triumph in the Major Leagues.
Before I go, I wanted to give a shoutout to my people in Venezuela, especially where I was born in Ocumare Del Tuy, where I played baseball growing up in Los Teques, and to those in Guarenas and Guatire, where I lived many years and where I met my wife, Ibis. And a shoutout to everyone else reading. Keep asking.

‘Til next time …



  1. sheimberg19@yahoo.com

    Oz, The $10,000 would be for my 1 year-old son’s college tuition fund, its hard to find money to sock away with the wife laid off her teaching job.

    This would also insure my son grows up a Sox fan, as his mother is a lifelong Cub fan…it may even sway my wife to the dark side…I figured…who better to beg from than a complete stranger with celebrity gravitas?

    Give em’ hell next year Ozzie!

  2. alexcutie

    donde dejas a carlitos gonzalez qe se acaba de ganar su guante de oro?!+Titulo de bateo+Player of the Year Award+Luis Aparicio award+ NL oustanding player by peers!!
    todo en su primera temporada completa!!!

  3. uopweb@yahoo.com


    Why do your sons find it necessary to sprinkle so much useless profanity in their Twitter posts? I have 3 children, 2 teenagers and a 12 yr old. I have done everything in my power to bring them up correctly as Sox fans. In today’s day and age of course they are all over Facebook/Twitter/etc. and they follow everything connected to the White Sox. I cringe every time I see a Twitter posting by your son with lots of bad curse words in it.
    Do they think it makes them look more grown up?
    Anyway, I thank you and the Sox for many years of great baseball, especially ’05 of course.
    Good luck in 2011!!!

  4. purduegirl02@yahoo.com


    My husband is a 13 year cancer survivor and tomorrow is his anniversary. I am not sure if you heard about Movember, but it is a month for men to grow mustaches in support of testicular and prostate cancer awareness. We have a team and are need of donations. To donate visit: http://www.us.movember.com Team Uno

    Thanks Ozzie, can’t wait to see you at Spring Training

    Mesa, AZ

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