Ozzie Guillen Baseball Camps

Hey, everyone.

If you haven’t heard by now, I’m very excited about my upcoming kids baseball camps that will be taking place during the All-Star break. The camps will stress baseball fundamentals such as hitting, throwing, fielding and, most importantly, FUN.

There is no better way I can think of spending the All-Star Break than working with kids. I finally have a chance to share my passion and energy for the game with people who have as much energy as I do! There will be 4 separate camps taking place, and you can find more info right here.

I hope to see you all out there!

— Ozzie

One comment

  1. Art Parra Sr.

    My granddaughter is 13 and she plays travel ball in two all boys leagues. The one team is called The Chicago Pioneers and they play out of the North Shore Travel League. It’s very hard to find good training for her because a lot of places won’t accept girls or if they do the training is watered down. She is very good but I can only take hereos far, she needs better training. The normal answer I get is “she should be playing softball like the other girls”, softball is not baseball. She loves the game Ozzie, any advice or suggestions. I will take her anywhere for a good training program.

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