On my mind on this off day: Cut into that lead

Well, that’s the way you want to start a homestand. We need to just keep winning series.

First of all, I want to wish Mark Teahen and Edwin Jackson the best of luck. I know they will be just fine, and I appreciate what they did for me. They always respected my decisions and the coaching staff’s opinions, so I wish those guys the best of luck from here on out.

If you continue to win series, you give yourself a chance over time to keep gaining ground. We had a couple of sloppy mistakes, but as long as you find a way to win, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s only going to get tougher with Boston coming into town, and last I checked, they were a pretty good ballclub. But it’s hard not to like your team when you’ve got guys like John Danks giving the performances like he did yesterday; that guy has some stones.  Chris Sale did a great job again, and I’m glad we picked up some bullpen help to support Jesse Crain and Brian Bruney. Now we can give those guys some rest from time to time.

We get another off day today, and I’m trying to get out and play some golf, but this rain isn’t doing us any favors. My family is headed to Cirque du Soleil tonight. I have seen their show before, but I’m excited to see what new they have come up with this time. It’s easy to enjoy the days off, but I want to continue to cut into that lead as much as we can. As you know, the next week is going to be a big test for us, so I’m curious to see how we respond to the challenge. I have no doubt the park will be filled for the Red Sox and Yankees series.

Should be fun.

— Ozzie


  1. Mark Patrick

    Ozzie…LOVE your blog posts and I just want you to know that I believe in you and this team. We are only 3 out and if we can get a couple of the under-performers to kick it up a notch, we can win the division! I am a HUGE SOX fan in Gilbert, AZ and watch ALL the games on MLB-TV. Close the gap and then don’t look back!

    Thanks for blogging! Markopat in AZ

  2. Eric


    I wonder your opinions on Omar’s comment about the 1997 white flag trade. He stated that the Indians were so good, and playing so out of their minds that the Sox could never have caught them. However, I feel justifying that trade is insane. I am not trying to bitch about something that happened 14 years ago, I just want the record straight. I found that trade so disheartening at the time. If Cleveland was so great, why were the Sox only 3-1/2 games out? If the Indians were that dominant, why were they not 15 games up? Your 05 club was dominant in July, and you had a 15 game lead. The reason for my comments on this is that I do not want to see a repeat this season. This team has underperformed, there is no question there, but the Tigers are only 3 games better. We all saw in 06 what can happend when a team squeaks into the playoffs in a competitive division. Why cant this years White Sox do what the 2006 Cardinals did? This team has more talent.

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