Checking in from Spain

What’s up everyone? I’m in the middle of enjoying a couple weeks here in Spain, but thought I would check in and see what’s up. Spain is awesome and a couple weeks off is exactly what I needed! Last week was certainly one of the craziest of my life; very emotional and exciting at the same time. Well, I figured I would give you an inside look at what my life looked like had you been standing next to me throughout the process. I uploaded a new photo album to my site that gives you an idea of how it all went down.

Until next time … goodbye from Spain.


  1. Lektu

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying my country. Rest assured you have fans here too. I’ve been following the White Sox, now I will have to follow the Marlins too.

  2. steve

    hi ozzie

    just wanted to say thank you for 2005 and all the other years too. it has been great having you here in chicago and we’ll miss you at the cell. good luck with everything you do. i will root for the marlins (unless they play the white sox).

    a fan,

  3. John

    You deserve it Ozzie, again Thanks for your time with the Sox the most enjoyable time when you were their since I was a Sox fan of over 40 years.

  4. Victor Lopez, Jr.

    Ozzie, What can I say? Glad you and the Mrs. are enjoying yourselves, life is too short to hold grudges, but I feel you were done wrong. I’ll miss you LOCO, and I wish you nothing but the best! Thank You for one of the Greatest Moments of life, that 2005 season is one I’ll never forget.

    Victor Lopez, Jr.

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