We’ll keep fighting

Well, it’s been a long month to say the least so far, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. We have not been playing as well as we should be or as anyone expected, but we have to stay positive and turn this thing around.

There is a lot of baseball left and we expect to be in the hunt as the season goes on.  Today, we start a long road trip on the West Coast in San Francisco. Maybe this is what we need to get us going. The Giants have a great pitching staff, but so do we. All we have to do is score more runs than they do (haha). It sounds so easy when you say it. All we can do is continue to put in the work and be ready to go. We are not stopping.


  1. sebastian

    Ozzie as much as I agree, you need to whoop this kids asses and make them play real ball, they are looking like a bunch of College kids playing like the been, you guys wanted to new stadium the city gave it to you, you wanted a second chance from citizens after your comments and you got it, now its your time to deliver some results or this city will turn on you guys… or did you forget that you work across the street from the Heat?

  2. creed

    What you need to get you going is some GOOD HITTING and a GOOD CLOSER! Heath Bell has not delivered. Time to make a change, Ozzie? Come on.. make me proud! I love this team and followed you EVERY day in Jupiter as you train in my backyard. You guys looked great then. Get it together.. make some changes and start winning.

  3. rick domanski

    Ozzie, all these guys have to do now is HIT! Once these Players start HITTING…Watch Out! I am with You Ozzie ALL THE WAY Brother!
    Rick D.

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