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Just keep on winning

Win. Win. Win.

We have had some injuries and setbacks, but guys keep stepping up and we keep playing good ball. We have played better within the division of late and are playing much better at home. We need to keep those things up. It’s always nice to see some wins come in bunches and play consistent ball.

This game has a way of humbling you in a hurry because every day there is a new challenge. It seems like almost every game we are facing very good pitching, so we just need to accept the challenge and continue to play well.

I have to thank the fans for coming out and showing their support. Your support this year has been great, and the park gets extremely loud when you’re into the game. It seems like people at Marlins Park never stop dancing and moving around. It’s definitely entertaining.

It’s good to have Juan Carlos Oviedo back in the mix and in a Marlins cap again. I have never seen him pitch in person, but from everything I hear he can help us win and that’s what I care about. Hopefully, he is pitching in games that mean a lot down the stretch.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. Never take freedom for granted, and for all those who sacrificed their lives, thank you and God bless!

Our pitching continues to be a strength

I will continue to say it all season: winning cures all. But seriously, with all of these walk-offs we have been having, I just hope I don’t have a heart attack. Our pitching continues to be awesome in a division in which every team has great pitching. We still haven’t even faced the Braves yet, but that will happen tomorrow.

If you want to win a division, it is crucial to play well against the other teams in it. We had a good weekend series against the Mets when we took two out of three. There were lots of ups and downs, but we got the “W” and that’s all that matters. We finish up our series with the Pirates today and then we hit the road. I always thought two-game series were weird and never really understood them, but we need to take care of business regardless.

A fight to the end

Well what can you really say? Getting swept always stinks and it stinks even more when you’re in September fighting for a division. This is baseball; those losses hurt but there is always another game to be played. No matter what happens you have to go back out there the next day and perform.

As you can see with our team this year, every game you play during the season is important, whether it’s April or September. If you don’t believe that, then look at how many games we gave away in April and tell me those don’t count now. We wish we could have some of those games back, but we can’t. Every game matters.

It was nice to see us bounce back against the Twins after what happened in Detroit.  The guys are still fighting and playing hard. We are going to fight to the end of this thing. Wins are wins and they all count so we will try to win every game here down the stretch.