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Q&A: The season is winding down

The season is winding down as we finish up our final road series here this week. I think one thing I can say about this team is that it fought hard. We had several challenges this year and the guys didn’t quit; we were right in it with a couple weeks to go, but it just wasn’t in the cards this year.

On a brighter note, this past weekend in Kansas City I had the opportunity to attend the Negro League Baseball Museum Legends luncheon with Frank White and Willie Wilson. It was an honor to sit by those two men that played the game the right way. This was not my first time to the museum, and if you have never been, I strongly suggest you go and check it out. The place is an absolute temple. I believe every baseball player and fan coming through Kansas City should check it out and appreciate the history of the game. I guarantee it will make you love the game even more and make every player appreciate what we have. Here is a picture of a couple of fans I got to meet while visiting the museum.

OK, now on to your questions. I have to say, I was expecting some harder questions, but not to worry I still appreciate all your support!

Q: My kids are still talking about getting to meet you at the Binnys. They were in awe when they saw you. My daughter, who is 13, was like, “Ozzie is such a cool dresser” (haha). And my son, who is 7, thinks it’s the coolest thing that we have the Ozzie bobblehead that you said you had never seen before. Now it’s signed! Just wanted to let you know the Weber Family will be truly sad if you are not with the Sox next year. To us you are the face of The Chicago White Sox! — Nicole W. (Chicago)

A: Well, thanks Weber family! And tell your daughter thanks for noticing my clothes (haha).  I love meeting true fans. Thanks for coming out.

Q: Hi Ozzie, I wanted to know how can I get your autograph for the best man in my wedding. I think that is the best present I can give him. Thanks, Andres. — Andres C. (Hollywood, FL)

A: Send what you want signed to the address that we will give you.

Q: I can’t count how many games I’ve been to in my life. Raised three kids as die hard Sox fans here 100 miles south of Chicago. You really have had our support all these years. Winning the World Series still gives me goosebumps. One thing though: I can’t stand watching Rios come to bat. Thanks! — Mark K. (Chatsworth, IL)

A: I appreciate all the support.  If you can’t watch it close your eyes, I guess (haha).

Q: I wanted to ask you if you knew that you do have fans in Cleveland. I think you are by far the best manager in all of baseball, thank you for a chance to tell you! — Bernie H. (N. Ridgeville, OH)

A: Well, I’d like to think I have fans all over. I’m actually in Cleveland right now, come on by and say hi. Thanks for the great compliment.

Q: Hey Ozzie, I sure hope you remain the White Sox manager for a long time to come. I love the fact that you speak your mind when other people are afraid to. I can’t see anybody else running this team. I hear a lot of people on the radio and on the internet, a lot of those people will be very sorry if you are gone. I will be sorry if you’re gone.  — Jeff K. (Chicago)

A: Thanks for the support, it means a lot. And the second part is not up to me, I made my plans clear a long time ago.

Until next time…

— Ozzie

Day off in Cleveland; time for a Q&A

I think it’s safe to say it’s easier to answer your questions than write a blog on this day off in Cleveland. It’s definitely not the best day off, but I looked at some of your questions and thought now was a good time to answer:

Q: Hi, Ozzie. I am a lifelong Sox fan living in Minnesota and am desperate for a Sox series win against the Twins. Anyway, was just wondering if there’s any topic you won’t talk about in public. Is anything off limits to Ozzie Guillen? — Brandon H. (St. Paul, Minn.)

A: Well, I would also like to beat the Twins, but they have just had our number, I guess. Weird things happen in baseball; sometimes it’s just the way it goes. No topic is off limits but my personal life — meaning my wife and my kids are what’s sacred to me.

Q: My friend O.G. — congrats on the website. Great way to keep in touch with the people who follow you. Keep doing what you’re doing. — Carlos C. (Caracas, Venezuela)

A: Thanks a bunch. The idea behind the website was to stay in touch with the fans and anyone who wants to reach me.

Q: Hey, Ozzie, any suggestions on some places to take her after the game for a few drinks besides the Bacardi Bar? — Eric C. (Joliet, Ill.)  

A: Well, Chicago is Chicago, but I would take her down to Buffalo Wings & Rings on 34th and Halsted. My close friends and kids have been going there and I stopped by a couple of times; good place with some very good food. You will be hearing more about this place soon, trust me.

Q: What is your favorite ballpark to visit when your team is on the road? — Russelle D. (Fremont, Calif.)

A: Well, my favorite place to visit is Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. I managed my first game ever there and it has gotten a lot nicer since then. Only problem is they seem to play well against us, and I’m not a fan of extra innings …

Q: Mr. Guillen, what is it like to wake up every morning being so awesome? — Jeff P (Rockton, Ill.)

A: Hahaha. Well I’m glad you think so. Every morning I wake up and my wife sees me, I hope she thinks the same thing you do. I’m just happy to be blessed and healthy; everything else happens for a reason.

Q: Ozzie, I would like to know — what is your view on Interleague Play? It seems like a lot of people in baseball have a dislike for Interleague. I personally believe it’s fun. I mean, when else will we see Philles vs. Red Sox, or White Sox vs Cubs? —  Seong O. (Las Vegas)

A: I don’t mind it, to be honest with you, because it brings people to the stadiums and sells tickets. If it sells tickets, then it makes sense to everyone. But I do think the DH should maybe alternate every year in Interleague Play.

Q: When you are mad at an umpire, do you ever swear at him in Spanish? If so, what is the usual reaction? — Danielle G. (Sycamore, Ill.)

A: Haha. Maybe I do sometimes. In the heat of the moment, you say crazy stuff. And believe me, I run out of bad words in English very fast, so I usually say the same ones over and over.

Q: What do you think about Jim Riggleman resigning in the middle of the season AND over his contract? Thanks, Ozzie! — Jeffrey H. (Minneapolis, Minn.)

A: Well, I believe he had his own personal reasons for doing what he did. But as I have said before, those 25 guys and the coaching staff would be hard for me to walk away from. So to each his own, but I don’t see myself being able to do that.

Thanks for all your questions. My day off in Cleveland just got a little better. Come tomorrow, I hope we are ready to kick some butt and come back home on a winning note!

— Ozzie