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It’s so much easier to blog when we win

Well, I’m definitely a big fan of the city of Denver. Very nice city, and you can walk to the park and back to the hotel after the game; it’s so close. I also want to say Happy 27th Birthday to my oldest son, Ozzie Jr.  We got to celebrate a little late last night when I got back into town. By far my favorite job in the world is being a dad to my three sons.

Why does it seem so much easier to write one of these blogs after we win a series? Or in this case, after we just won back-to-back games? I’m very impressed with yesterday’s games — the fact that we kept battling, and when it looked like we were done late, we kept pushing and got the job done. Loved it that Gordon Beckham laid down that bunt that gave us a better chance to score those runs, and Juan Pierre was clutch the entire series. When you work as hard as JP does, only good things will come from it.

Jake Peavy was very solid even after the first-inning home run to Troy Tulowitzki, and I will say it again about the bullpen — WOW. Seems like I say it in every blog, but those guys continue to give everything they have for this team, and it’s been impressive.

Now we move into the North side of town. Kind of cool because now I live closer to Wrigley Field than The Cell (haha), so I won’t be getting lost anymore (I hope). Wrigley on a weekend is always exciting and maybe even a little more so now that both teams have won back-to-back games. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m sure fans will be into it, and I can’t wait to get 4th of July weekend started the right way.

I enjoyed catching up with Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning.  Those guys are the best in the mornings!  See you guys at Wrigley this weekend!

Hey, Chicago, what do you say …

— Ozzie

Q&A: On Twitter, pitchers & 2-strike hitters

After enjoying a nice day off in Chicago before heading to Denver last night, I am rested and ready to go against the Rockies. Denver is a very nice city, I must say, even though we don’t get a chance to be here very often. I’m looking forward to a good series and an opportunity to see a good, young Venezuelan player in Carlos Gonzalez — who can be extremely dangerous — and one of my favorite players in Troy Tulowitzki.

We know we need to start swinging the bats better. In the American League, if you can’t swing the bats, you have no chance. I was happy with the way we played the game this weekend, and I’m glad we had that 6-man rotation. We can now fill-in John Danks’ spot, and I was very proud of Gavin Floyd, Mark Buehrle and Jake Peavy, who were all available to pitch this weekend out of the bullpen. I have a lot of respect for all those guys. I also have to mention how happy I am for Davey Johnson and hope he does some good things with the Nationals. They have some good, young talent over there.

So, I had a little more time and the questions keep coming into my website, so here are a couple more answers …

Q: Ozzie, you are my favorite person to follow on Twitter. Many of your tweets are pretty funny. Why did you decide to start an account, and why do you like to use Twitter? — Mike C. (Waukegan, Ill.)

A: I thought it was a fun way to connect with my family, friends, and fans. Glad you enjoy it.

Q: Why don’t managers let pitchers throw 300 innings in a year anymore? Roy Halladay could easily hit that mark if he was left in games a little longer. And why is that magic 100-pitch count held in such high regard? If a guy feels good, shouldn’t you let him keep throwing? — Wyatt F. (Owensboro, Ken.)

A: Because they play 162 games now. These players make a lot more money, and it’s a big risk if they get hurt. Also, pitchers are developed differently these days.

Q: Who is the best two-strike hitter in baseball? — Kevin M. (Atlanta)

A: The best I ever saw was Wade Boggs. Right now, it’s hard for me to say because I don’t see enough of everyone, but A.J. Pierzynski isn’t bad.

Q: What is the worst thing you did to get thrown out of a game? — Brian M. (New York)

A: I can say some pretty bad words to the umpire, I guess. Nothing sticks out.

Q: Dear Ozzie, just wanted to say great tweet to Sean Pean about Venezuela! You clearly have first-hand knowledge, and he is clearly not well-informed. Keep up the great work! — Helen G. (Glendora, Calif.)

A: Thank you very much for the support!

Q: Ozzie, are you going to manage the Venezuela team in 2013? Also, what do you think of the expansion of the tournament to 28 teams? Thanks! — Mark H. (Chicago)

A: I don’t think I’m allowed to manage the 2013 team because I am a current MLB manager. If they expand, it would be very cool, but that also means a lot more games, so there is a downside, as well. If it makes money, it makes sense (haha).

Thank you, everyone, for reading this blog and your support. Until next time …

— Ozzie