Back home to close out the season

Well, we were back at it in Chicago this weekend. The weather is cold and windy, with a little rain. It’s not very good but hey, maybe I need to get used to it already. Had the chance to stop by and see my good friend at the dentist’s office, Dr. Jack Ruby. It’s always good to see him. His staff always takes such good care of me and my family. He is one of so many others that I don’t even want to begin to name because I might forget some. I have had such great friendships during my time here in Chicago.

OK, back to baseball. We would really like to finish this season in second place. I know for most fans that doesn’t seem like much right now, but for me and the coaching staff it’s a huge deal. Of course we would have rather been finishing in first place, because I believe — just like Ricky Bobby — if you’re not first, you’re last. I love that movie! Hopefully we can finish strong here the last series and the fans can come out and show their support. We get the Blue Jays for a couple games this week and then it’s time for everyone to go home.

One more thing: I will definitely have to watch “Money Ball” sometime soon. Looks like a good movie about a good GM; what do you guys think from seeing the previews?


  1. Joe

    Ozzie- I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family! Your a good man! I’ll be cheering you on from chi-town! Good luck!

  2. Monica Rasmussen

    Ozzie- “Money Ball” is a must see movie. It had humor, human interest, and suspense. Go see it. I’m sure you’ll recognize the parts that were made up for the movie and I’m sure you will enjoy it. However, if you’re a friend of Art Howe, you might have to tell him you’re sorry about the movie…he is portrayed as a little rough.

  3. Jose Brito

    DE un gran aficionada desde aqui en venezuela, Usted es lo maximo como short stop, y como manager, que vizquel y que carajo OSWALDO GUILLEN lo Maximo, si habia un Ozzie que era el Mago Usted es y seguira siendo el Brujo en el Short stop

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