Thank you, Chicago

As many of you know now, yesterday I managed my last game for the Chicago White Sox. This has been a very hard time for me and my family, but I want to thank the great fans of the city of Chicago for the support they have shown me and my family during my 22 years with the organization. As I said in my press conference, Chicago will always be my home. It’s hard to say what the future holds for my family and I, but one thing is for sure — I can’t wait to start a new chapter of my life. I also want to quickly thank my great coaching staff and players, who were always at the park working hard everyday.

While this is a sad time, I know there are better days awaiting me in the future! Thank you again for your support during my time here. I will always have love for my people in Chi-Town!


  1. Carlos Ballinas

    My heart is broken Ozzie, you were my favorite player as a kid, and you brought a championship to this city. Thank you, for all you did. You made Sox baseball exciting and fun. God bless you on your next chapter man.

    A fan-

  2. Tom

    Thanks for your time in chicago ozzie…i am a native southsider of the city having lived by midway airport my whole life…your outspoken personality fit in perfectly with our tough fanbase…you were a good manager faced with a tough set of circumstances this year. I by no means want to call out players, but if a certain couple of highly paid players played to their potential this year then we would be getting ready for the playoffs and have u in chicago another ten years…thanks for bringing a championship to the southside…for that we are forever grateful. Best of luck

  3. Matt Fischer

    Ozzie, Thank you for time as manager of the White Sox and bringing home a World Series Title. I wish you good luck to your next chapter in your life unless you are managing another AL team. Always loved your arguments with Joe West.

  4. SoxSide

    Thank you Ozzie for leading the White Sox to a World Series you have been a great part of the #1 team in Chicago & will always have White Sox blood running through yr veins! My family and I wish you and yr family nothing but the best!! You will definately be missed but yr skills and coaching will never be forgotten! Thank you.

  5. Tassie

    I’m going to miss you, Ozzie! Thank you for your hard work, your passion, your honesty and your heart. Good luck in the future. You will always be part of my White Sox! Go get ’em! Much love

  6. Jason Hermes

    Thank you Ozzie Guillen for all these years be the manger of the Whitesox and bringing home champship in 05. I was there this past Sat night when the Sox’s beat KC 6-3 well see to me thats last game i’ll see you in sox jersey. Good luck what ever u end up in different team U always be missed From a die hard whitesox fan 😦

  7. Pedro Pablo Porras

    Sigue adelante ozzie, mas titulos te esperan, chicago siempre estara alli y como dice Serrat, caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar!! Go ozzie! Epa pa’donde vayas, llevate a vizquel que esta viejito chamo! Jajaja! Dios te bendiga a ti y tu familia!

  8. John Blair (@iamNoGenius)

    It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have you here.
    So what if most Chicagoans disagree? I try not to concern myself with the opinions of idiots; too many pointless arguments in which I repeat that with no Ozzie there’s no 2005 World Series Championship and they tell me that that was then, blah, blah, etc…. I could go on, but this is your webpage and you know this crap already, so I’ll stop.
    I just want to say thanks for the all the memories. Some of them are some of my all-time favorite ones and they’re much appreciated. You will be sorely missed by the White Sox and their fans. If they don’t already, they some day will. Personally, I doubt I will ever care more about a manager. Of anything.
    Good Luck to you and your family, I wish you nothing but the best and then some.
    Bye Ozzie.

    (And yes, I did just call most Chicagoans ‘idiots’ back there, I meant to.)

  9. Joann

    I can’t believe you’re leaving. I’ve watched you for most of my adult life and will miss seeing you fighting for our boys in black. Good luck to you! You will be missed.

  10. Debbie

    Thank you for all you did for the White Sox. You gave us White Sox fans one of the best seasons ever, 2005! We will be following the Marlins now!!!

  11. Judy

    Ozzie- you will be missed——you have the passion for the game—you helped give the Sox the fire they needed to win the World Series—–I will never forget the thrill of the Parade in Chicago- the Lions at the Art Institute with the Sox hats———–Thankyou for all you have given Chicago————

  12. Todd Arbetter


    All the bests shortstops are named Ozzie. And all the best managers too. You were my favorite player when you started playing for the White Sox and you were the perfect fit when you came back as manager. The ChiSox need a manager with personality and you have it in spades. It’s too bad you had to go — I think the problems with the Sox aren’t something that can be switched by replacing the field manager, but so it goes. Maybe you can save baseball in Miami and give those fans a reason to come to the game.

    Buenos suerte y prosperidad,

    == todd

  13. Mary Kemp

    Ozzie……. You’ve been the best and I’m going to miss you! Thanks for eight great years, you brought the spark back. No matter where you end up, I’ll always be a fan. I wish you the best, I know my son will miss playing ball with your son if your family moves away.

  14. J.DIDDY


  15. lisao

    Ozzie, thank you for all your years as a player and for these last eight, wonderful, fun years as manager. You’ve made White Sox baseball so much fun and, no matter who they get as manager, it won’t be the same without you. You will be so missed! Best of luck to you in your future.

  16. Liz Thompson

    Chicago was very lucky to have you and we loved every minute of it! We will miss you, but with you all the best in anything you do!

  17. Rubén

    La verdad que aunque se rumoraba y se notaba que pasaría algo, sorprende y nos aflije el que ya no estáras como manager de los Medias blancas el proximo año, sinembargo, pienso que ya era hora de salir de Chicago y tomar nuevos aires y seguir demostrando toda la sabiduria que has impartido en los 9 años con los Medias Blancas. Te deseo lo mejor del mundo y seguro que sabrás inyectar todo esa energía que tienes y sobre todo, el respeto que les profesas a todos los jugadores y tecnicos que trabajan contigo. Gracias por poner el nombre de Venezuela en alto, siempre te lo agradeceremos. Saludos de un Venezolano y Guairista por siempre.

  18. Pacogt

    Verga man te vas a ver extraño con otro uniforme distinto al de Chicago White Sox. Es gratificante ver lo que hiciste y dedicaste en el equipo y de mi parte siempre te apoyaré con el 13 de Chicago y de La Guaira.

  19. Jennie

    I really don’t know what to do with this. I hoped it was a bad dream. How do I continue to love this team the way I do when this is sooo VERY WRONG!! I will miss Ozzie and wish him nothing but the best always. As for Kenny Williams, not so much.

  20. Vinnie Ryan

    You are leaving a big void in Chicago White Sox future, but the Marlins are going to be the lucky ones. We will miss your fire and fun in Chicago.Best of luck to you and your family in Florida.

  21. Megan Bennett

    I grew up watching you play with my grandfather and my dad by my side….my kids have grown up watching you manage….in our home you always have been and always will be “Our Ozzie”. I was pregnant with my 3rd child when we won the series and she even got upset this morning when I told all of the kids you were leaving. Although we will miss you like crazy we wish you and your family nothing but the best. Real baseball fans appreciate everything you’ve done and know that you truly love this team and this town and the feeling is mutual.

  22. Jacklyn

    Ozzie, Thank you for bringing so much fun and love to the White Sox over the past 8 years. When I was a little girl, you were my favorite White Sox player, and I cannot tell you how excited I was when you landed the job for us 8 years ago. My emotions definitely got the best of me last night when I heard the news because I know how much you love this team and would do anything for us to win. You are going to be deeply missed for many seasons to come, and I can only thank you for giving us a World Series championship and so many other great memories. Love you Ozzie!

  23. brittany

    thank you for all your years here! we will greatly miss you!! good luck to you and your family in miami! come back and visit 🙂

  24. matt

    You went out with class when you had every right not to. You’ll never regret that. Hope to see you continuing to beat the Cubs.

  25. agustin


  26. Chris

    Thank you, Ozzie – we White Sox fans will miss you and always love you! Good luck with whatever you take on next and remember that that the fans were always behind you. Sorry that the front office couldn’t work things out so you could stay here.

  27. Ken

    Thank you Ozzie for everything you have done as a player and manager for the Sox. Your #13 should be retired. Buena suerte en Miami!

  28. Bitsey Horton

    Thanks for the memories and magic of 2005! You will be missed! This is Chicago’s loss and Miami’s gain! In Ozzie We Trust!

    Bitsey Horton, Los Angeles CA
    Longtime White Sox Fan

  29. gabrielaherrera

    pa’ encima!!!! orgullosa de ti ozzi!!!! soy seguidora de los medias blancas solo por ti… visite la ciudad para ver un juego tuyo como manager!!! estoy sumamente triste …. existos en tu nueva etapa…. tiburones x siempre

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  31. andy

    Thank you Ozzy for your great job and world series trophy in 2005 but honestly I think its time for change in White Sox. Since 2008 every season was worst and worst and i realized that we need someone new with fresh ideas and new vision. I have respect and i am going to keep good memories but i support decision to not extend the contract with You. Now is time for change. Looking forward for new manager and fresh start in next season.

    Best regards

  32. Mark

    You were the manager of a White Sox World Series championship team, and those haven’t come around very often. That is something we will never forget. Good luck!

  33. Juan Emmanuel Centeno

    Its a sad, sad day for White Sox nation! First off, thank you Ozzie for 8 great years of service, especially ’05,’ no one can ever take that away- especially that prick Kenny Williams. I just hope that it doesnt take take as long as it did the Cubs to fire Henry, to fire Williams & send his bum ass back to Detroit. You were my favorite player growing up and still are and watching you manage the White Sox was a pleasure. The best of luck to you and your family & give’em hell in Miami. íQue Dios te Bendiga!

  34. whitesoxsuz

    Ozzie, I really think the wrong guy is leaving town but… I wish you so much happiness in your new gig! From the time you were a player to bring us the World Series, you have been a joy. Thank you for bringing a W.S. in 05 before my dad passed away. I can never thank you enough for that. Wishing you tons of success…looks like I will start following the Marlins too, so I can watch my favorite manager!

  35. craig doran

    Best of luck Ozzie. You will always be my favorite White Sox player and manager of all time! Hope to see you in south Florida! Good luck fishing too!

  36. Richie Rich

    Welcome To Miami Ozzie. Glad to see you coming to take the Marlins and straighten the team out. I admired you as a player but most definatly as a manager for the Chicago White Sox. What is a coincidence is a couple of weeks ago, we were deiscussing the marlins future and I stated, The Marlins need someone like Ozzie to stir things up and make this team play ball. When I heard this, I was estatic. So Ozzie welcome to Florida and do your thing.

  37. Harper

    Ozzie, You are one of a kind & wore your heart on your sleeve – part of the reason why we Southsiders love you so much. Its a shame that Kenny is an asshole & can’t see beyond looking at himself in the mirror. He might have put the team together, but YOU got them where they needed to go. All the Best in Miami – I know you will be successful there. Thanks for everything you have done for the team & the city over the years. You always have a home in Chicago.

  38. TheLostNewKid (@TheLostNewKid)

    Ozzie thanks for being the constant light and fire on the Southside of a Northside loser driven city. You represented us well and with the heart that comes from the steel workers, police and firefighters of the Southside. The grinders. Coaches coach and players play, your players didn’t play. The only problem you had was that you were a players coach, and you fell in love with too many of your players, and they took advantage of that. Shame on the leftovers that are going to show up next year on our bench. Good luck in Florida I wish you and your family well.

  39. dan riehm

    Ozzie,Best of Luck with the Fish!Hate to see you leave,but under the current regime,your unfortunately better off!!remember thou,Billy Martin,came back & forth to his beloved Yankee I believe 4 TIMES!who knows what the future holds for all of us?!Godbless

  40. Dan

    Ozzie…it kills me that you are gone, you are one cool dude and we loved you as our manager. What kills me is that other than 2005 you were never given “your” type of team that fits what you like to do best. Playing small ball, great pitching, speed and fundementally sound. I cant wait to see what you do with the talent you have with the Marlins. Good luck and please know you will have a lot of Sox fans who now have a new favorite National League tems!!

  41. Marc Trotter

    Ozzie, I was excited to watch you as a player (2nd favorite behind Harold Baines)…more excited as a manager…thanks for all the great years you’ve brought to Chicago…they WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN :)…good luck to u.

  42. Sox girl for life

    Que pena Ozzie, te extrañaremos un chingon! 🙂 Gracias por tu pasion y sudor al juego y a la comunidad de esta linda ciudad que siempre estara orgullosa de ti. Te deseo lo mejor con todo corazon y mucho exito mas. Que Diosito lo bendiga a usted y a su familia.
    Sox girl for life

  43. Rose Marie Pilipowski

    Ozzie – Wish I could have told you in person – was going to try at the Wed game – but thanks for the ’05 World Series. That season helped me thru some very difficult health issues. I last talked to you and your wife at Nordstrom’s after your last Sox game as a player. No bouquet of flowers for your wife this time only a bunch of best wishes! God be with all of you!

  44. Sue Seibel

    Ozzie- Chicago won’t be the same without your humor and fight. I will miss you and your refreshing honesty. Best wishes to you and your family as you start the next “book”. I know you will be successful wherever you go and whatever you do. Have fun on that boat. Thank you for what you did for the White Sox fans – we will forever get to point to that Championship Banner when the fans who wear Blue start to get mouthy.

  45. Patrick

    thanks for bringing the Sox a world series title after such a long drought Ozzie. best of luck to you in Florida next year.

  46. Michelle

    Ozzie you were one of my heros when the Sox won the pennant in 1983, when I was 11 years old, and you are still one of my heros today…at age 39. Thanks for bringing the Championship to the southside, it took a man of great passion to achieve that. I will never forget you and the stories about your wife and her purses and how you think she is hot. You always bring a smile to my face. And by the way..although I am married…YOU ARE HOT! Love you Ozzie.

  47. Melissa

    ozzie we love you and will never forget you here in chicago. this was tough on all of us, i look forward to following your new career with the marlins and wish you the best of luck. you will always be a white sox.
    love, melissa

  48. Rebecca

    Thank you, Ozzie; you’ll be missed. Sadly, since Williams seems firmly entrenched, you’re probably better off with the Marlins gig…

  49. Juan @Montreal

    Los Medias Blancas cometieron un garndisimo error, debieron haber salido es del gerente general Williams. Tu eres un triunfador, pana, y eso con los anos se pone es mejor. Mas experiencia, mas roce, mas fanaticos que te quieren, mas jugadores que te admiran, en Miami seras un exito! Desde tu Novato del Ano (1985) sigo tu carrera, la cual esta muy lejos de terminar. Pa’lante brother, a cuidar de la familia, el beisbol es 51% negocio y 49% lo que quieras llamarlo. Llevate a Omar!!!

  50. jeff kwiatkowski

    thanks ozzie. you will be greatly missed and never forgotten, i hope the white sox honor you by retiring your number soon. it wont be the same next season and it will be hard to get used to not hearing or seeing you. you bring a great energy to the team and i am sure you will do the same in miami. i live and die with the white sox and i now will also pay attention to the marlins, good luck to you and your family on this new chapter of life. make your chicago fans proud…..

  51. Ed Ganzmann


    Thanx for the 13 years as a player for the Palehose and the 8 years as a manager, trying to teach these kids what you brought us as a player. I was very fortunate to be able to enjoy you as a player and a manager and I wish you the best of luck in your new home. Chi will miss you !

  52. John

    Thanks for bringing back the sox from the dead,you will be truly missed it will not be the same for the Sox or us fans, it will be boring not having you as Sox Manager. GOOD LUCK!

    John from Plainfield IL

  53. havplentymsc

    Ozzie, I used to go to many of the games back in the 80’s then I moved to Texas. Whenever the Sox played the Rangers, I would go to the games. When you became manager I was like, YES! I happened to be in Chicago when Channel 2 broke the story, I was heartbroken. I will always love you Ozzie, and if you remember a fan in Texas wearing a White Sox shirt, it was me rooting for you and my favorite team. I know you will be successful where ever you go. I wish the best for you and your family!


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