Our pitching continues to be a strength

I will continue to say it all season: winning cures all. But seriously, with all of these walk-offs we have been having, I just hope I don’t have a heart attack. Our pitching continues to be awesome in a division in which every team has great pitching. We still haven’t even faced the Braves yet, but that will happen tomorrow.

If you want to win a division, it is crucial to play well against the other teams in it. We had a good weekend series against the Mets when we took two out of three. There were lots of ups and downs, but we got the “W” and that’s all that matters. We finish up our series with the Pirates today and then we hit the road. I always thought two-game series were weird and never really understood them, but we need to take care of business regardless.


  1. Joseph DiGirolamo

    Ozzie I think you are doing an amazing job. And I know you are having a hard time with Bell I am the guy @brocklanders10 who tweets you after every blown save. What can we do with this guy? I know that only way to get him better is to pitch him but he drives me fuckin nuts! Maybe he is too fat and needs to lose some weight. I don’t know, but when he gets back on track , the Marlins will consistantly win games.

  2. MK V

    🙂 Keep being a great coach! And eat healthy food… Fruits and Veggies, Beans and Quinoa Ozzy!!!!

  3. jorge

    coño ozzie eres un gran entrenador , pero tienes que reconocer que metistes la pata hasta el tronco , si tu eres chavista o no bueno ese es tu peo , lo acepto , total no eres el unico , pero dilo en tu casita con tus panas y ya , a quien en su sano juicio se le ocurre hablar bien de chavez y fidel en MIAMI?, te buscastes un monton de enemigos aqui en venezuela y muy pocos amigos.

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